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75 Ways to Get and STAY Organized!

Military Spouse Staff
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Organization.  For some of us it is something that comes easy… for others it can be a daily challenge.  Add in our crazy, busy lives, moving every couple of years, always having to adjust to a new space… well we could probably all use some helpful tips in this department.

We asked you, our readers, to share some of your best organization tips with us.  This list is pretty amazing!  So here is to getting and STAYING organized in 2014!  What tips would you add to this list?

1) Open your mail next to the trash can so you can immediately throw away junk mail.  

2) Go paperless.  Bank statements, bills, and other important documents can now be made paperless.  Just go to the company website and request to do so.  Less paper in the house is a good thing!

3) Do as much as you can ahead of time.  For example: make lunches for the next day while you are getting dinner ready.  

4) Your crockpot is your best friend.

5) Delegate!  It’s okay if it isn’t done the way you would do it… as long as it gets done!

6) Being okay with a junk drawer.. Or 2 or 3! You're always gonna have stuff that misfits… have a place to stash it away to reduce clutter.

7) Clean out your refrigerator before each grocery shopping trip. You will save money by not buying items you already have, it will take less time to get all the groceries put away, and your fridge will stay organized!

8) Put it back where you got it from. Everything should have a place and if it's not being used then put it back.

9) Use several shower curtain plastic hooks on a hanger to organize your scarves.

10) Sticky notes and lists! I write the important things down on neon sticky notes and put them on my desk at home so I don't forget to do things. I also love lists, it helps me prioritize!


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