• A


  • AA

    Airman Apprentice

  • AAA

    Awaiting Aircraft Availability


    Army Air Force Exchange Service; also called BX

  • AB

    Air Base (overseas)

  • ABN


  • ABU

    Airman Battle Uniform

  • ACAP

    Army Career and Alumni Program

  • ACC

    Air Combat Command

  • ACE

    Schools award military students credit toward a degree based on training and occupational specialty.

  • ACS

    Army Community Service

  • ACSC

    Air Command and Staff College

  • ACU

    Army Combat Uniform

  • AD

    Active Duty (the military member)

  • ADA

    Air Defense Artillery

  • ADAR

    Air Defense Artillery Regiment

  • ADSC

    Active Duty Service Commitment

  • AEF

    Aerospace Expeditionary Force

  • AER

    Army Emergency Relief

  • AETC

    Air Education Training Command

  • AFAF

    Air Force Assistance Fund (charity fund raising for AFAS)

  • AFAR

    Airborne Field Artillery Regiment

  • AFAS

    Air Force Aid Society

  • AFB

    Air Force Base

  • AFI

    Air Force Instruction (regulations)

  • AFIT

    Air Force Institute of Technology

  • AFLC

    Air Force Logistics Command

  • AFMC

    Air Force Materiel Command


    Air Force Officer Qualifying Test


    Air Force Pamphlet

  • AFRC

    Air Force Reserve Command

  • AFSC

    Air Force Specialty Code


    Air Force Special Operations Command

  • AFTB

    Army Family Team Building

  • AFVC

    Armed Forces Vacation Club

  • AGR

    Active Guard or Reserve

  • AIR

    Airborne Infantry Regiment

  • AIT

    Advanced Individual Training

  • AKO

    Army Knowledge Online

  • ALS

    Airman’s Leadership School

  • AMC

    Air Mobility Command

  • AMD

    Air Missile Defense

  • AMN



    Advanced Non Commissioned Officers’ Course

  • ANG

    Air National Guard

  • AOIC

    Assistant Officer in Charge

  • APFT

    Army Physical Fitness Test

  • APO

    Air Post Office

  • ARC

    American Red Cross

  • ARNG

    Army National Guard

  • ASAP

    Army Substance Abuse Program

  • ASAP

    As Soon As Possible

  • ASCC

    Army Strong Community Center

  • ASEP

    Army Spouse Employment Partnership

  • ASTS

    Aeromedical Staging Squadron


    Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

  • AT

    Annual Tour

  • ATC

    Annual Training Conference

  • AWC

    Air Warfare Center

  • AWOL

    Absent Without Leave