10 Tips to Reduce Homework Stress in Your Life Right Now

It’s 4 p.m. and your house has turned into a house of chaos.

Your kids are supposed to be doing their homework, but one can’t find a pencil anywhere and the other doesn’t understand how to add fractions…and you can’t remember how to add fractions either at the moment. Just when you think you have everything under control, someone starts having a meltdown because they can’t concentrate while listening to their sibling eat.

This routine goes on for hours until most of the homework is done and everyone throws in the towel. Sound familiar? If this was your family last year, you may be looking to revamp your homework routine as the new school year approaches. Lucky for you, with just a few changes you can create a much more peaceful house during homework time.

Try these 10 tips if you are trying to take the stress out of your homework routine.

1. Create a “homework hub.”

  • Place all items that are typically needed for homework in a cheap shower caddy or basket. This will cut down on the “Where is the____?!” drama.

2. Select a designated homework area.

  • Everyone works better in different environments. Help your child pick a place that suits their needs (quiet, natural light, etc.).
  • When your child works on their homework in the same place every day, the routine will lend itself to increased productivity. Bonus: when homework goes missing, you will know exactly where to look first.

3. Make sure your child is full before starting their assignments.

  • Stock up on some healthy snacks that your child can grab before starting their homework. A full belly will help with concentration.

4. Take frequent breaks.

  • If your child has a hard time focusing for long periods of time, try not to force them too far past their natural attention span.
  • Set a timer for a set number of minutes your child can concentrate. When the timer goes off, have your child take a quick one-minute break that involves movement such as dancing, jumping, twirling, etc.

5. When unsure, use resources.

  • When you or your child don’t know how to complete an assignment, it can be stressful, especially with the new common core math guidelines! To reduce panic and stress make sure to have a few good resources bookmarked in your browser. Some of my favorite resources are:
    • Math and science: khanacademy.org
    • Grammar: quickanddirtytips.com/grammar-girl