A Unique Military Spouse Career That May Be Just For You

From Stars and Stripes

Are you a military spouse looking for a career? Do you live in a highly populated military town? If so, we want you to join our team!

We are a team of professional doulas providing antepartum support, labor/birth support, postpartum support, and specialized support to Wounded Warriors and Gold Star Families during life’s important transitions.

When you work with Stars and Stripes Doulas, you not only have a military family but a doula family as well. You will work directly with a military-affiliated partner and have the opportunity to take your doula career with you as you PCS throughout the world. We understand that military spouses are often among the most overeducated and underpaid populations and we want to create change!

Support is paramount within our agency. We have Lead Doulas at each chapter that manages their team and provides on-the-ground support. You are also always backed by our owners, Melissa and Melanie, ensuring you can show up and support your clients confidently 100% of the time. Gone are the days of worrying about finances and contracts, chasing down payments, and having awkward talks about payment plans!

Our fee structure is no secret. We are happy to share exactly what our doulas earn. The Lead Doula for a chapter will earn $400 per birth client. She has more responsibilities and should earn more money to adequately compensate her for her time.  The other doulas in that chapter will earn $300 per birth.

If your team has two clients per month, each doula invests 17 active hours working. Broken down hourly, this is:

  • Client A –
    • Lead Doula attends birth – invests 15 active working hours into client $400
    • Other Doula does not attend birth—invests 2 active working hours into client $300
  • Client B –
    • Lead Doula does not attend birth – invests 2 active working hours into client $400
    • Other Doula attends birth – invests 15 active working hours into client $300
  • Lead Doula $800/17 hours= $47.06 per hour
  • Other Doula $600/17 hours= $35.29 per hour

Your team will work a shared call schedule. This means that in one month, you are on call for 15 days and your doula partner is on call for 15 days. This hopefully means that you do not have to miss special events because you can request that day off call.

Can you believe it? You can work 34 hours a MONTH and make $1600 if you are the Lead Doula or $1200 if you are the non-lead doula. What would that type of money do for your family and for you personally as you grow a career that you feel passionate about while also supporting your spouse and his or her career?

In addition, postpartum doulas on our team make $20-$25 per hour and can schedule shifts around their children’s schedules or when their children are sleeping!

What qualities do you need to be a Stars & Stripes Doula?

  • You need the utmost professionalism while still possessing compassion in this field.
  • You must have in-person doula training (this costs approximately $600 but is earned back in 17 hours of work).
  • You must have an up to date CPR card.
  • You must have or be willing to obtain a background check.
  • You must have military affiliation. (We do accept non-military spouses as candidates but you must have an understanding and knowledge about the military culture).
  • You must have the desire to carry out the Stars and Stripes mission!

Are you an Independent Doula and considering a change? Talk to us!

Contact Stars and Stripes Doulas at hello@starsandstripesdoulas.com with questions or to submit a letter of intent or resume. We are happy to answer questions via email or Facebook or schedule a call to speak to you about this unique opportunity!

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