MilSpouse Success Spotlight: Stephen Peters

Spouse: Stephen Peters, Marine Corps Spouse & Executive Director of the American Military Partners Association

Programs Completed: Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of International Relations (MSIR)

Stephen Peters, a Marine Corps veteran and spouse, is never really happy with the status quo in life. So, he not only pursued one Master’s degree, but two. “I always want to improve, learn, and understand new things. With the GI Bill, graduate school was a no-brainer.” But, he faced challenges along the way. Because of the uncertainty of where he and his husband would be stationed, Stephen wasn’t sure where to apply.

Further, like most students, he was balancing a full time job and school schedule so he sought out a program that fit his busy lifestyle. “Both of these challenges led me to pursue my education in hybrid formats, partially online and partially on campus. It gave me the flexibility I needed.” One of the greatest keys to success is spending the time evaluating what type of program fits your needs. In an unpredictable lifestyle, in order to succeed at any goal it is vital to analyze what life will look like throughout the entire semester, not just at registration.

Now, that he has completed both degrees, endured a deployment, and cross country move, what would his advice be to other spouses struggling with school? “Don’t give up! You can get to the end. It’s only temporary and completing what you started will definitely be worth it!”

Stephen’s Tips for Success:

1. Find a program that is flexible enough to fit your personal situation with work, children, etc.

2. Stay focused! Remember this is only temporary and you can do it!

3. Pursue a degree that interests you. Studying something that motivates you will only help with your success in completing your degree.

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