4 Life Skills That Translate Into Jobs for Military Spouses

jobs for military spouses

Being a Military Spouse “Milspouse” can be a jaw-dropping experience, especially when you try to explain your family life to a civilian or try to find jobs for military spouses!

When you add the frequent moves, the long working days, the even longer deployments, the loneliness, the sadness, the isolation from family and loved ones…it becomes quiet the THRILL ride!

Fret not; I’ve come bearing good news that you may not even realize! All of the things mentioned above are actually skills that not only can get you jobs for military spouses, but can make you a Powerhouse CEO…IF you let it!

1. The art of Remaining Flexible

jobs for military spouses

Let’s start with the most obvious one, frequent moves. This typically leads to a Milspouse being well traveled and easily adaptable! When you have to pick up your entire life (usually with little notice), move to another state or country, secure housing, enroll children in school, and find a job…you learn a thing or two about “Semper Gumby.” That’s “Always Flexible” for my civilian readers. You understand the value of planning, organization, time management, etc. All the skills necessary in being a successful CEO! Being a Milspouse and a business owner are both about change, and you can use these skills in any job as a military spouse! If you can’t adapt, you’ll be miserable and you’ll go out of business. Both require the skills and confidence to do what makes you uncomfortable. You develop an enthusiasm to discover new opportunities and to be inspired by a different environment.

2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

jobs for military spouses

As a Milspouse, you quickly learn that connections are an important part of the military life and culture. You understand that the relationships you have today, will at some point end, so you maximize the time you have with that friend or neighbor. You learn how to compromise, collaborate, and negotiate. These are all key fundamentals to being a CEO and business owner, managing a thriving team. And for that matter, in all jobs for military spouses! Over time, you learn that people process life and it’s events differently, some are stronger than others. You develop a level of empathy for those that think different, act different, and look different from you…all exceptional business skills. When you throw in an overseas tour that kicks the whole teamwork thing to a whole other level! You can’t survive an overseas tour without connections. You’re learning a new culture, relying on the advise of those that have been there and done that, you’re are relying on the kindness of strangers to help you and you family get around town! 

3. You’ve been Under-employed or Over-qualified

jobs for military spouses

When you have to pick up and move every 2-3yrs, maintaining a career can be difficult. You may find a job at most stations you go to, but staying within your career field is often very difficult. Some spouses decide to work from home for one or two duty stations. While others choose to go to school at one duty station, and then find themselves over qualified for the available jobs for military spouses at the next! Having been through this ebb and flow of employment teaches you view the hiring process a little different as a CEO. 

4. When it’s hot in the kitchen, you cook

jobs for military spouses

When you spend your days not knowing when your spouse will return home, when he/she will be called in for duty, wondering if the trip you’ve been planning all year will actually happen…you know a thing or two about staying calm when everything goes wrong…in life and in business. You rise up in these situations, while everyone around you is freaking out…you’re cool as a cucumber, because you understand that “Life Happens.” This isn’t something you learn in school, this is one of those lessons that life has to teach you…and being a Milspouses gives you plenty of opportunities to refine this skill. Once you’ve learned how to solve problems under the most stressful circumstances, you have the confidence to deal with stress in any setting.

So you see, being a Military Spouse is actually a highly valuable asset! You have been exposed to difficult situations and been under extreme pressure to Make it Happen! So there’s no doubt, you’ve got what it takes to rock any business dream and goal you have…including achieving CEO status!

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