9 Online Jobs for Military Spouses To Build a Career Virtually

Online Jobs for Military Spouses

It can be SO hard to make a career for yourself as a military spouse when you have to move to a new place every few years. You have to explain away career-gaps in every new place to people who don’t always understand!

Sometimes, it can be the best option to create a career for yourself online. But the internet is a big place… That’s why we’ve collected 10 options for online jobs for military spouses to help get you started.

AMAZON: Talk about PRIME. Amazon has several virtual costumer service positions that are the perfect online jobs for military spouses wanting to work from home. This includes positions with or without a degree. Interested? Click here for more.

VIPKIDS: If you haven’t heard of this company, definitely make sure to look into them! You can teach English to children virtually anywhere. They need awesome people to help these kids, and military spouses wanting to work online might be just the right fit. This is great because you can be in charge of your own schedule. Click here for more.



AMEX: American Express offers several remote job listings for customer service representatives and travel consultants. This may not sound super glamorous at first look, but it could possibly be the exact job you need as a military spouse, to keep your flexibility and get benefits in return! Click here for more.


CAPITAL ONE: Looking to put your finance degree to work for you? This may be the place to try it out! Capital One offers customer service representatives virtual jobs as well as online positions for virtual business bankers. Click here for more.

AETNA: One of the largest insurance companies has several telework positions. They employ Case Mangers RN, Nurse Consultants, etc. Make sure to type telework in the search bar when browsing! Click here for more.

DISNEY: Sometimes dreams really do come true! Disney has several locations throughout the world and several online jobs! According to their site, a virtual assistant would be responsible for answering inbound calls and email guests, providing guest service, and dealing with any customer service escalated issues. Who knows, maybe there are some Disney perks in it for you too… Just follow the link and type in work from home! Click here for more.


ACCUTRANGLOBAL: This transcription company hires on a contractual basis. Additionally, they do hire US citizens stationed overseas. (perfect for OCONUS!) There are some minimal qualifications that you must meet in order to apply. Click here for more.

APPLE:  If you’re great with technology this may be the company for you! Apple employees several at-home advisors and managers. You could possibly have the chance to work for this huge organization that is recognized all over the world! Click here for more.


HILTON: Reservation and customer care center has open positions for virtual/work from home assistants. With this online job, you’d be booking accommodations and by helping with customer service! If you love working with people this might be for you. Click here for more.


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