20 Ways Military Families Are Spending Too Much

Most military families are working with tight budgets, and we are always looking for ways to save.

There are several different methods to working out a yearly or monthly budget, but no matter if you’re a Dave Ramsey follower or you have a professional financial planner, military life (and pay checks) are always leaving us looking for ways to pinch our pennies.

Here are 20 ways that you might be spending too much as a military family:

1. Taking your very hungry active duty member to the commissary with you

2. Buying something from every online party that your friends invite you to

3. Buying a new dress for every ball

4. Not taking a handful of the commissary coupons for future shopping trips

5. Not buying your excursion tickets from ITT

6. Buying regular, every day things at the PX/BX/MCX (girl, use Wal-Mart)

7. Going into Target instead of ordering stuff online and thereby spending $35 additional dollars in the Dollar Spot

8. Not researching grants, scholarships, and tuition assistance for school

9. Sending your kids with the coolest new sneakers/clothes/backpacks (parent pro-tip: If we all don’t buy them these things then none of them will come home saying, “But Johnny has it!” Let’s work together people).

10. Letting your AD member buy lunch every day instead of having them brown bag it