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35 Tips for Your Next PCS Move

Military Spouse Staff
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PCS season is in full-swing for the military community.  And no matter how many times you have been through the process, there is always something to learn for next time!  Our group of online contributors put their heads together and came up with a list of tips and tricks that might just help you sail through your next military move! (Contributors: Cyndia Rios-Myers, Alisha Youch, Shawna Robles, Tia Johnson, Olivia Smith, Stacy Huisman, Kate Dolack, Jennifer McDonald, Michelle Aikman, Wayne Perry, Tricia Ross, Bianca Strzalkowski)


35 Tips for Your Next PCS Move

1) Print copies of everything pertaining to the move that you need and keep them in a folder that will travel with you. PCS orders, moving forms, apartment leases, etc.

2) Make sure to talk with Travel and Finance well before you get official orders so you know exactly what you will need for the process and you will know what to expect.

3) Be sure to set aside some items for entertainment in your "Do Not Pack" area on packing/moving days - toys, craft supplies, a small TV with video games, a laptop or portable DVD player with movies, etc - to keep the kids occupied!

4) A Partial DITY is a great way to make sure you have basic essentials at your destination - air mattresses, basic cooking utensils and a few pots and pans, cleaning products, computers, a television - and it allows you to pack and move items that would otherwise have to be discarded, like plants, open food items, bottles of wine and liquor, etc. We rent a small U-haul and tow it behind us, assuring that we won't be camping out in the backyard or spending money on a hotel room when we get to our new home.

5) Set aside some cash... you'll need it!

6) Don't forget to take advantage of Advance Travel Pay!

7) Take pictures of any items of great value or that are irreplaceable. If they are lost or damaged, the photos will be important in filing your claim.

8) Use this as a chance to get your kids to reduce their clutter!  Help them go through their rooms and find items they would like to sell at a yard sale.  Let them keep whatever money they make as extra travel money!  Encourage them to donate whatever they do not sell to a charity. (In the event that they sell nothing, a parent can buy some of the toys for a “friend” and then donate to charity.)

9) Do research of the place you are going to beforehand if you can. If you don't have a smartphone, print up directions (from your hotel) to important destinations (commissary, base, malls, Target, restaurants) before you transfer.

10) Movers/Packers are like plants. They do better when you remember to feed and water them!

11) PCS'ing is a great time to de-clutter and purge certain items from your home. The more you de-clutter, the less you will have to unpack when you arrive at your destination!

12) Before I move, I always look up sexual offenders in my new neighborhood.


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