Connect with the Military Spouse Community

Military Spouse is a powerful media solution that offers brands an opportunity to connect with and be in the minds of 1.1 million military spouses at the right time and stay with them for the rest of the journey. Contact: [email protected]

Partnership Opportunities

Military Spouse looks for trustworthy brands and organizations that offer helpful products and useful services to military spouses during 5 critical life stages. However, we are are open to other advertising if you can convey to us that you are a good fit! 

Partners maximize their exposure to military spouses during these important decisions and events.

Spouse 101 Military Spouse rolls out the welcome mat for all new military spouses, fiances, and significant others. There is a lot to learn for new members of the military family and we want to make it as easy as possible.
PCS Nothing requires help, information, and resources like picking up your family up and moving them across the country multiple times every 2 to 3 years.
Education More than 80% of military spouses have expressed an interest in pursuing additional education and thousands of military spouses are using their MyCAA benefits, scholarships, and grants to pursue their academic endeavors.
Career Military Spouses represent an ambitious, loyal, and hardworking pool of talent that is interested in establishing and maintaining their own career.
Deployment No matter how many times a service member is deployed, it’s never the same and it doesn’t get easier. Military Spouses have a variety of needs during deployment that range from positive distractions to backup childcare.