6 Scholarship Opportunities For Military Children

Scholarship season is coming, and possibilities for military children are also on the way. It is high time for parents to raise their heads up and search for new opportunities for their kids. The number of military scholarships is huge, but here are the most valuable from my point of view. As you see, professional assistance may come from not just public services as EduBirdie, but from special organizations too. However, just before you start, please, clarify the info about application deadlines.

1. Military Spouse Scholarship Program by the National Military Family Association

The first in our list is this scholarship with a deadline of Jan. 31. The funds are really high in this case and start from $500 up to $2,500. Moreover, your child as a military kid has a wide range of options to choose from. Your son or daughter will get all levels of degrees and programs for his qualification. Nice start, isn’t it? With regard to this scholarship, the kid gets the opportunity to deal with various vocational training, professional classes to improve his skills and so on.

Also included are English linguistic classes and classes of a second language. Any service member of any category can count on total support no matter where he or she is serving the country. The soldier parent should just provide his kid’s association with his military ID. Those medically retired or age retired soldiers are also included in the list. Every year in average The National Military Family Association’s Military Spouse Scholarship Program gives about 400 military child scholarships.

2. Scholarships for Military Children

As this one sounds very simple, you can find out what is the main purpose of these scholarships and grants program. Let’s start with a deadline. It sets for Feb. 12. Please note that all applicants should arrive at a military commissary and sign their application there personally. But, in some cases, you can also use regular or special mail services or even a commercial delivery service. And even though it is 21st century, those emailed applications are not accepted.

This program provides about 700 scholarships of $2,000 each. An interesting fact is that each commissary office will get at least one winner of those who applied their copies in that very place. Extra applicants also can be awarded. The entire program is administrated by the nonprofit Fisher House Foundation, which is mostly supported and financed by donations.

Please note that your child should not be married and you should keep your duty in an active status. Also, your status may be marked as a Guard or member of the Reserve, retiree of a military service. Moreover, those survivors of those people who died on their active service can apply too. And the last but not least is the requirement for applicants to be younger than 21 years old. But the age can be increased up to 23 if your kid is enrolled as a student with the full-time status of some college or university.