• C


  • CBRN

    Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear

  • CC


  • CCAF

    Community College of the Air Force

  • CCC

    Command Career Counselor

  • CCF

    First Sergeant


    Command Chief Master Sergeant, formerly known as the Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA)

  • CCT

    Combat Controller Team

  • CDC

    Career Development Course

  • CDC

    Child Development Center

  • CDC

    Child Development Center – which is the daycare on base

  • CE

    Civil Engineer

  • CF

    Child free

  • CFC

    Combined Federal Campaign (charity fund raising for multiple charities)

  • CGO

    Company Grade Officer (O1-O3 officers – second lieutenant, first lieutenant, and captain)

  • CGSC

    Command and General Staff College

  • CHOP

    Navy Supply Corps Officer

  • Chow


  • CINC


  • CIWS

    Close in Weapons System

  • CLEP

    College Level Examination Program

  • CMC

    Command Master Chief


    Command Master Chief (US Navy)

  • CMOW

    Crew Member of the Watch

  • CO

    Commanding Officer

  • COB

    Chief of Boat (Used on Subs in place of CMC)

  • COB

    Contingency Operating Base

  • COB

    Close of Business

  • COB

    Chief Of the Boat- A chief, usually a Senior or Master Chief that overseas the morale and well being of the enlisted personal on a submarine.

  • COC

    Chain Of Command

  • COLA

    Cost of Living Allowance


    Continental United States (the contiguous 48 states)

  • CPO

    Civilian Personnel Office

  • CPO

    Chief Petty Officer

  • CQ

    Charge of Quarters

  • CS

    Communications Squadron

  • CSS

    Commander’s Support Staff