13 Unconventional and Perfectly Legal Work From Home Jobs for Military Spouses

jobs for military spouses

If there is one thing a military spouse knows how to do, that’s be flexible! While we understand this is what we signed up for and we want to support our service members to the fullest…we want to acquire skills and knowledge that we can call our own, even if that means work from home careers for military spouses.

Here’s a list of work from home jobs for military spouses that can be started with a laptop and a little ambition!

While going to school is an awesome way to acquire these skills, we know and understand that our next duty station may not afford us the opportunity to actually work in that field. Many spouses turn to careers that are easily transferrable and allow them to work from home.

1. Social Media Expert

In the 21st century, you’d be hard pressed to find a business owner that’s not currently using social media to drive their business. While we all agree that we need it, we all also agree that it’s time consuming. Social media managers are in very high demand…especially from a branding perspective.

A company’s brand is their promise to the client, and it attracts their ideal paying clients. A social media could make sure the message being sent is clean, clear, and consistent. The best part, if you find the right company, you can make it a work from home job! A social media manager would be responsible for sweeping the clients social media platforms on a consistent basis and making sure it’s updated and on brand.

2. Virtual Assistant to the Parapreneneur

(Parapreneur – A person working a 9-5 job parallel to their own business.) Using a virtual assistant can save just about anyone time and sanity! In today’s tech based society, there isn’t much that can’t be done via computer or phone. Most entrepreneurs and business owners (myself include) comb through countless ads looking for the perfect VA. Once that perfect VA is found, they are pretty much guaranteed to stay on board (assuming they meet all the necessary marks during their probationary period), because no one likes starting over with a new assistant.

You can start your own business with a website, or you can register with places like O-desk or Upwork (formally eLance) and get your clients from there as you work to grow your business.

3. Children’s Transportation Service

We’ve all been in situations where the service member’s schedule is so unpredictable…that you’d save yourself a lot of frustration by not counting on them to do things like pick up the kids from school, from soccer, from just about anywhere that has a time restriction. That means, it’s all on you to make it happen. As a spouse that worked outside of the home, in a very high profile job…a kid’s transportation service would have been perfect for me!

This could be a school drop off and pick up service, after school curricular activities, medical and dental appts, school supply shopping, errand running, etc. The possibilities are endless because there are so many moving parts to running a household. This could be perfect work from home job for a military spouse that has children of their own and are accustomed to the morning and afternoon routines. Prices could be based on the level of services required.

4. Online Magazine

Advertising cost is a huge problem for entrepreneurs and small business owners, they just don’t have the dollars that big box store have to throw at their products. That’s where your on-line magazine comes in, giving them access to advertise for little cost. You don’t have to have mad web developing skills to make this happen. There are platforms such as WordPress that have some pretty awesome magazine layouts that will make you look like a pro! Simply pick a niche (the more specific you are, the easier it will be to target businesses to feature).

5. Child-Proof Home Consultant

Becoming a new parent can be stressful. There are so many things to think about and consider during the pregnancy to ensure it’s a healthy and happy one. What happens after the baby arrives is just down right scary. A person that goes into homes and baby proofs every room before the little bundle of joy arrives…sign me up please! This is one of those services, that the consumer won’t likely go cheap on…they want it done right the first time. You do an assessment of the home, shop for the supplies and materials, then just like that…a new parent is all set!

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