5 Fabulous Podcasts JUST for MilSpouses

I like to do things while on the run – not running…running I just don’t do.

I am the Queen Elizabeth of multi-tasking. I also like to stay connected with people, with ideas, and concepts.

I find that I am TOO busy between work, college, and family responsibilities to sit down and read or research for pleasure; which is why I choose to listen to podcasts. I love to pop in my headphones and go for a long walk, or listen (not whistle) while I work.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts and reasons why I love them. You can go to the direct link to find out their play schedule!

1. Macho Spouse Radio

Macho Spouse Radio is hosted by the 2016 Armed Forces Insurance Army Spouse of the Year Dave Etter. Through Macho Spouse Radio, Dave speaks to the male military spouses, but honestly as a female, I have learned so much from these two hours of live and archived conversations about the male military spouse psyche.

Macho Spouse Radio has heightened my awareness in ways that the collective military spouse community is alike, how the gender separation between military spouses creates various obstacles, and how we need to support each other in a more of a united front.

Don’t listen without an adult beverage in your hand and earbuds in, especially if you have little’s running around; content is not always PG.

2. Spouse Spouts

Spouse Spouts is always a hoot. Hosted by the fabulous Susan Reynolds (2014 Joan Orr AF Spouse of the Year) and Dave Etter (2016 AFI Army Spouse of the Year), together they tackle tough topics with a whole bunch of humor.

I have had the privilege of co-hosting with Susan twice, while Dave was incognito and being on both the hosting and listening side is entertaining.

Susan and Dave speak about real issues that are impacting military spouses, and the military culture overall. They don’t “beat around the bush,” but they do it with a sense of humor.