3 Gorgeous Looks to Keep Your Face Classy at the Military Ball This Year


pc: Mark Boughton

Leaves are changing colors, temperatures are dropping, and pumpkin spice is all around. It’s that time of year! Autumn has arrived and with it the Military Ball for each branch. This time of year, it seems that most spouses are talking about the formal military ball gown and shoes they bought or are looking to buy. However, once the dress comes home there is a less planned, but more challenging feat to tackle…makeup!

Your dress may be simple with svelte lines, sequined to Las Vegas standards, or it may have a classic cut with some lace and maybe a satin accent. Shoes may have been easy to match, but your makeup often has the toughest job off all; tying the look together and making you look amazing! Thankfully makeup artists take seasonal looks from the popular threads hot off the runway. And this year is no different. Here are three elegant makeup looks to meet anyone’s comfort and needs.

1. The Smokey Siren:

pc: Ginny Lopez

The best part about this look is that it can add a lot of drama to a simple dress, and it can be done in black or neutral earth-tone colors. This video by Patrick Ta, a celebrity makeup artist who has been seen all over Hollywood red carpets as of late, shows you how to do a dramatic smoky eye. This is a great base for learning how to do a smoky eye, and remember that you can tone this up or down using darker or lighter colors.

2. The Minimalist:


pc: Becky Miller

Keeping things simple and classy may be the way to go for those wanting to keep a more classic look. However, going completely bare is usually out of the question. Try a more natural look to allow your natural beauty to shine through. Here, Bobbi Brown shows a simple, daily wear, makeup look that will help accentuate natural features and help even skin tone.

3. The Playfully Bold:


pc: Becky Miller

This year has been huge on playful lips. Pat McGrath, a professional makeup artist who is known for her amazing runway looks launched a glitter lip kit, and YouTubers and beauty vloggers everywhere have followed suit with the shimmering sensation. However, for the ball, glitter coated lips may prove a bit much for most. Good news! Matte liquid lipsticks made a huge entrance last year, and that momentum has only increased into this Fall season making it this Autumns biggest makeup trend. If you are going to play-up your lips, remember to keep the focus there and keep eye makeup to a minimum; playful is fun, but this year it is all about keeping a fresh clean appearance. Think: dark mauve, burgundy, cherry wine, merlot, and darker shades of red if you’re wearing a classic cut dress. For a youthful, funkier style, try: fuchsia, Barbie pink, melon, or magenta.

When selecting your makeup look for the ball, take into account the style and fabric of the dress that you are wearing, as well as the color. However, the most important thing to consider is your comfort. Wear a look that shows off your natural features and lets your inner beauty shine. You always want to wear a look that will boost your confidence and makes you feel amazing. While these makeup looks are all the rage this season, remember that many of them can be achieved using the cosmetics that you already have. There is no need to go buy everything from these videos. If you have time to play around put your own touches to these looks and create something of your own using these basics as a creative- beauty launch pad.


pc: Ginny Lopez

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