How to Survive Deployment When You Have Nothing Left to Give

survivng deployment with nothing left to give

Deployment is hard. It’s draining—physically, emotionally, mentally. It’s hard to be separated from your partner and harder when anything complicates it. A birth. A death. A PCS. A difficult job. Kids with special needs. Depression.

And sometimes it feels like the homecoming will never happen.

That you and your spouse will always be trapped in an endless deployment filled with radio silence, sporadic emails and pushed-back homecoming dates.

That you’ll always be on the home front, putting out fires and endlessly waiting. Sometimes it’s the waiting itself that makes you go absolutely crazy and you feel like you can’t do this for one more month, one more day, one more second.

You need deployment to be over- yesterday. You’re powerless to change anything.

And you realize you have absolutely nothing left to give.

This article is for you, military spouse, who is having a tough time.

You’ve hit a wall and feel like you just can’t stand one more second. You feel alone. And you’re not sure how you’ll make it to homecoming without losing your mind.

You can do this AND keep your sanity intact. You can get over the wall.

Here are a few strategies on how to do that:

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