Military Spouses Sing to Raise Money for Wounded Vets

Tonight, on the Military Channel, the American Military Spouses Choir will perform as a part of the Homeward Bound Telethon.  Hosted by Alan Alda and Joe Mantegna the telethon is raising money for “Haven from the Storm”, a charity whose mission is to improve the lives of military men and women, inlcuding those affected by PTSD and TBI. For more information, and to make a donation, please visit

I am a member of the American Military Spouses Choir. We have spent this entire week performing in Florida and Los Angeles at places performers dream about. We have performed for the Queen Latifah Show (check your local listings for our Tuesday performance), have performed on the Home and Family show (Hallmark Channel, airing Monday), and we recorded at Capitol Records. We have truly been living the life of performers this entire week, have had an incredible time and are enjoying the validation of our talent.

But, tonight.  I feel confident speaking for the entire group when I say this; tonight is the reason we were meant to be in LA this week.  To help raise money for this telethon.  As we rhearsed yesterday, I once again listened closely to the lyrics of the music we are performing.  We are singing three songs; an original piece titled “The Promise that We Make”, a full-length arrangement of “Hero” and a closing number that we know you will all recognize, and love.  When we sing these songs I am reminded of the sacrifices so many men and women have made for this country.  I think of the many times I have said goodbye to my husband, sending him off to war.  Of my children hanging onto him and the other children crying as they watched the buses drive off.  I think of the mothers and fathers awake at night, worrying about their children fighting in a foreign land. I think of the spouses who had to have a conversation about pall bearers and wills before sending the love of their life off to the battlefield.  And I think of all the men and women who love this country so much, they are willing to say goodbye to all of the people they love…with no guarantee that they will ever make it back to see them again.

I think about all of those who come back missing limbs, with PTSD or TBI, or with other silent scars that they may battle for the rest of their lives. I think of my dear friend, a Gold Star Wife, who is raising her two small boys alone…making sure to keep the memory of thier brave father alive in their hearts.  I think of so many men and women who come back from war and raise above whatever ails them and continue to give back in amazing ways to this nation.

And when I think of them, I know that they DESERVE this telethon and a thousand more. They deserve for Americans to be reminded that the ending of wars does not mean the end of the battle for our brave service men and women. And it is a battle they should not be fighting alone.

As a military spouse, I feel blessed for many reasons. One of the biggest ones is that I get the very best view of our American heroes. I live with a man who has dedicated his life to this country with his service. My neighborhood is filled with men and women who have done the same. We shop with wounded warriors at the grocery store. We sit next to vets from wars of the past at the pharmacy on base.  We see what amazing people make up the worlds strongest military. And we see it every single day.

So tonight, we will be singing for all of them. Because we appreciate them, we love them…and they DESERVE all we can do for them.  Please tune in. Share with your friends. And if you are in a position to do so, please make a donation.

For more information about the American Military Spouses Choir, visit


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