You Can Start Your Own Legit Business as a Military Spouse or Veteran


We loved Vetrepreneur Week with and Vetrepreneur.

We’ve brought in the best of the best to share their secrets to success in all kinds of businesses. It’s amazing to see those who have sacrificed so much in their military life, to then successfully transition into the civilian world (and make bank!)

Whether you are a current military spouse or veteran, you don’t have to let demands of military life and life in general keep you from really following your dreams and starting your own business.

We’ve had some great speakers who took time from their day to share their successes with you. Check it out below and you might just learn something to help you take the next step in your career.

Here is a snapshot of Vetrepreneur Week!



  • Andrew Goldner, founding partner of GrowthX discussed Building 3D Revenue: Profitable, Predictable, and Scalable. Watch it Here.
  • Plus, Are You A Veteran Entrepreneur Looking for Help? The truth is, in this day and age, being an employee is no less risky than being an entrepreneur. And in some ways it’s more risky. This should get you started.




  • Learn how to Survive and Thrive in Business *Live* with Julie Nadel, wife of WWII Veteran Jack Nadel. Watch it Here.
  • If you didn’t catch the Webinar, read an excerpt of his award-winning book here! The advantage of the veteran entrepreneur is that he or she is flexible enough to change course if necessary to make a business work: 5 Proven Steps to Starting Your Veteran-owned Business.


The final day of Vetrepreneur Week – it’s been an awesome and informational week!

Finally,  Take it from someone you know you can trust > Get Advice from a Fellow Veteran.

Thanks for hanging!