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10 Hilarious Reasons Your Military Family is Ready for a Pet

Is your military family ready for a pet? We think we might be able to convince you! Here are 10 hilarious reasons why you need a pet, and so does your family! I’d like to recognize the contributions Man’s, (and Woman’s), best friend makes to Military Families. In my highly biased, crazy dog lady’s opinion, I think every military family should own a dog and here’s why. 1. You’ll always have a furry shoulder to cry on. Because sometimes you just need someone, anyone, to talk to. It can be lonely when your spouse is working long hours or gone on deployment and our furry family members make great listeners. 2. They’re an endless source or amusement. Nothing alleviates stress the way laughter does and one thing you can say about dogs is they’re certainly an endless source of amusement. 3. They make you feel safer. I don’t know about you, but whenever my husband is on a detachment, suddenly every noise in the house makes me think Freddy Kreuger is coming for a visit. Even though I’m fully aware my dog is more likely to bring an intruder a ball than a bite, I still feel safer just knowing that she’s there and will alert me to any strange noises. 4. You have a guaranteed snuggle buddy. The bed can feel awfully big when your spouse is gone on a deployment, all the better to snuggle with your furry family member and close the gap. 5. They’ll turn your frown upside down. Studies show that playing with dogs releases neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in your brain, which floods your system with feelings of happiness and pleasure. So next time you’re feeling a little down or stressed, go take Fido out to play fetch. Is your military family ready for a pet yet? 6. They can help you make friends. With PCS moves every few years, something every military spouse struggles with at some point is making new friends but having a dog can make getting in the “friend zone” a little easier. Take your dog to dog parks, training classes or dog beaches at your new duty station and you’re bound to find a new friend that you can bond with while your pups play. 7. There’s always someone to greet you when you get home. Dogs are always happy to see you and you can’t help but smile too when you walk in the door and see their furry faces. 8. They’ll help you live longer. Studies have shown that dog owners live longer than non-pet owners and even cat owners. This is due to both the emotional benefits of owning a dog and also theorized to be due to the fact that dog owners get more exercise due to daily walks and park trips. Either way, it’s just another great reason to get a furry family member. Your military family is ready for a pet! 9. Your kids will always have a playmate. Studies have shown that children with pets are more emotionally balanced and healthier than children that don’t have pets. Plus your kids will always know that at every new duty station they’re bound to at least have one furry friend to play with. 10. Because the only thing better than your and your kid’s reactions to your spouse coming home from a deployment, is your dog’s reaction. Not convinced? Read more: 5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet? OR Take this quiz to really find out if your military family is ready for a pet! Connect with us on Facebook!

Furr-Ever Friend

Adopting a dog is a big decision, especially as a military family. Too often pets are dropped off...