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Empower, Encourage, Advocate

Join Military Spouses around the world as we commit to Love, Inspire, Protect, Embrace, Honor and Support our loved ones

There is a reason why service members always thank their spouse when they reflect back on their careers…Being in the military affects the entire family and military spouses are the backbone of that family.

Whether or not we realize it at the start, we as Military Spouses ultimately live a life filled with unconditional love and inspiration. We vow to protect, embrace, and honor our families…now let’s join together and make the pledge!

No one understands the spouse community better than We honor and love YOU! We have put together this campaign as a tribute to YOU! This is our “I Pledge” series and we invite you to join the pledge here.

Pledge your commitment, let your voice be heard….advocate for the Military Spouse community.

We’ve got a lot of cool things planned including the release of upcoming videos, free resources, updates and more. Be sure to stay in the loop and get everything you’ll need by registering here: join the pledge

Check out Video 1 – “I Pledge to Love”

Love, Honor, Commitment… The military life is something only we understand and together we pledge our devotion to our spouses. Join spouses around the world who are uniting…
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Here’s Video 2 – “I Pledge to Inspire”

We wait on the homefront for our loved ones… but we don’t wait in misery! Will you take the leap and inspire spouses around the world?

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We bring you video 3 – “I Pledge to Protect”

You loved them before they were born and they will always need you. Unite with us around the world as military spouses pledge to protect the future dreams inside of our kids…

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Take a look at Video 4 – “I Pledge to Embrace”

It’s True: You Really Can Embrace Your Community & Here’s How…Pledge with military spouses and

  • Find your place
  • Make a difference
  • Do this crazy, wonderful military life  with military spouses just like you
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Introducing Video 5 – “I Pledge to Honor”

We hope for the best, prepare for the worst, & love him like he deploys tomorrow. Let’s honor the sacrifice of our service members & pledge to do something more…together.

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Stay up to date, share the love and pledge your commitment (not to mention be the first to see our upcoming video releases).  Register your pledge and join thousands of spouses around the world who are letting their voices be heard.

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