And the Oscar Goes To…

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty

And the Oscar goes to…well, a lot talented individuals, (yay, Leo!) and Vanity Fair has a take on it. 

“As Oscar punditry gets more intricate and obsessive each year (sorry about that), usually by the time the awards ceremony actually arrives, there’s little room (or Room) left for surprises. Tonight’s Oscars ceremony felt like that for most of its run, with Mad Max: Fury Road doing its expected near-sweep of the technical categories, the screenplay categories arriving at foregone conclusions, and the two leading actor trophies going to exactly who we thought they were going to months ago. (Finally, Leonardo DiCaprio has been given his little gold man.)

But it wasn’t a boring ceremony, exactly. Things moved pretty swiftly, producer David Hill(he co-produced with Reginald Hudlin) perhaps using his experience as a sports producer to keep things quick and snappy. Speeches were cut short, the categories were presented in a slightly modified, but sensible, fashion, and there were blessed few salutes to random things. It was a decidedly un-bloated broadcast as Oscars go, animated by a sense of speed and timing helped immensely by its host, Chris Rock.”

See what else happened here at Vanity Fair.

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