New Book for The Modern Military Spouse

“I get by with a little help from my friends.”

This quote made famous by the Beatles’ John Lennon and Paul McCartney has stuck with me as particularly applicable to us military spouses. It is the very reason why nearly every article featured within our magazine or on our website was written by military spouses for military spouses. After all, isn’t it true that advice and understanding given by those who have walked in your proverbial shoes often carries more weight and is closer to the truth of your experience than anything else?

And this is exactly what J.D Collins, Lauren Tamm and popular blogger Jo, My Gosh (and an awesome forward by Adrianna Domingos-Lupher, a 2015 SOY and the founder of NextGen MilSpouse) have achieved with their newly released book, Modern Military Spouse.

Simply put, Modern Military Spouse is like sitting down with a friend.  This book isn’t just another in a sea of laminated “how to’s” or woefully outdated guides handed out to new spouses by their husband or wife’s command–this book features real, practice advice.  Advice like creating a creating a budget and living overseas, and not–like I SWEAR I READ ONCE IN A BOOK HANDED OUT TO NEW SPOUSES IN 2010–the type of Cornish game hen to cook when your husband’s CO jovially and unexpectedly drops by for dinner. (Note: I have nothing against Cornish game hen. I’m sure it’s a lovely bird, but when I’m trying to figure out where I’m supposed to get my new ID, a detailed description of how long to baste the unfortunate creature is unlikely to direct me toward the proper office).

One aspect I particularly appreciated about the guide was advice for the non-spouse. We’ve all been there: at some point all of us were in the dating phase. Many of us have gone through deployments during the dating phase. And this means that there may have been times when we were not always able to access the same information as some of our peers. Author JD shares her personal story and offers some totally practical tips for how to get around some of the awkward conversations and judgmental folks that you may, unfortunately, encounter.  Even better, she provides real resources for the men and women who are in this exact spot.

Writer Jo shares some very important legal resources within the pages. This is particularly important; even the best of relationships can enter into overwhelming phases. I don’t mean all doom and gloom, you may need legal resources for a variety of reasons: Power of Attorney, for example. Bottom line, as Jo points out, “As a military spouse, just as you have benefits from marrying your service member, you have legal rights, too.” Words to remember. I’m glad this was included; over the past seven years, I’ve connected with/heard stories of spouses in difficult situations who may feel overwhelmed or without rights. This is not the case, and just as important as getting an ID or balancing a budget, is to know that you have rights and resources dedicated to help.

Despite being a book filled with resources, it is never dry. Every author shares her personal story, always applicable to the advice or resources at hand.

It’s only a click away. I hope you are able to check it out and will find it just as fabulous, helpful and endearing as I have. After reading it this week, I know I feel like I have made some new friends.

Happy reading!


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