Roll Those Sleeves, Marine!

I have been married to my husband, a United States Marine, for almost 15 years.  It is not uncommon for me to cringe when he comes home from work and says, “Well, I have some news.”  One day in 2011, he came home and gave me some unfortunate news.  The Commandant had decided that Marines would no longer be rolling their sleeves.  It would be a sleeve-down Marine Corps year-round now… and I won’t lie, I was disappointed. Yes, I understood the reason why the change was being made… but I won’t say I was happy about it.  I even took this picture, on October 21, 2011… on the very last day that they were allowed to wear them that way. Sigh.


Most of my Army spouse friends didn’t understand the big deal.  All of my Marine spouse friends got it though.  There is just something about the day that you see your husband finally rolling up those sleeves in anticipation of “bicep day” (my own personal nick-name for the day when Marines used to go from sleeves down to sleeves up).  And then, when he finally puts on that blouse and you see those beautiful biceps trying to pop their way out of the tightly rolled fabric…

Okay… hold on… I am gonna need a minute here…

Rolled sleeves were just one of those little things that many Marine spouses, myself included, found really sexy. In fact, I hear rumors that many a Marine, after the order of sleeves down was official, would roll up those sleeves JUST for their spouse during private time.  A kind of “Devil Dog foreplay” if you will.  Don’t buy me flowers or try to wine and dine me… just roll up those sleeves, Marine.

We all have things that we find attractive about our man or woman in uniform. And I will admit that those rolled sleeves kind of had me from the first time I ever saw them on my husband. At the time, he was a young, infantry Marine. I was a college student who knew less than nothing about the military. But I knew that he looked hot in uniform. And the hotness factor increased if those sleeves were rolled.

Alright… hold on… let me get my thoughts back on track here… geez, I need some water…


So, I was absolutely DELIGHTED to learn that the Commandant has officially decided to bring sexy back… rolled sleeves will return on March 9th!  You can read the official statement here. Social media has been in a virtual uproar of swooning Marine spouses since the announcement was made. You would think we all won the lottery. We are absolutely acting like a bunch of crazed women waiting in line for the premiere of Magic Mike. If Magic Mike was a Marine… with rolled sleeves…

Breathe… breathe… breathe… is it hot in here?

And look, I get that this is superficial. I know there are very important things like budget cuts that we could be focusing on. But tonight, I am excited about this. And I won’t apologize for that. Also, before anyone fusses at me… let me be clear: I adore my husband. I desire no one else but him. I am, and will always be, 100% faithful to him.  I think MY husband with rolled sleeves is incredibly hot…the hottest.  HOWEVER, I can absolutely recognize the beauty of an entire formation of fit, proud Marines… with their sleeves rolled, biceps showing…

Focus… come on you can do this…could someone PLEASE turn down the air?

So, thank you Marine Corps! Thank you for making this spouse happy with the news that biceps tightly wrapped in that signature fabric will be making their return soon. Thank you for bringing back a time-honored tradition that has made me, for one night at least, forget all of the frustrations that can sometimes come with being married to one of the few, the proud.  Thank you for listening to your Marines. Thank you. Just. Thank you.

Now, if you will excuse me… the kids are in bed, and I need to find that handsome Marine of mine.  I’m thinking that it is not too early for him to practice rolling the sleeves of those cammies in anticipation of the big day. And I want to watch.

Ooh.  Freaking. Rah.


Photo Credit: Kathleen Foley

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