13 Photos of What NOT to Wear to a Wedding

Ever been to a wedding where someone’s outfit got more attention than the couple getting married? Or where a military tradition got a little out of hand? Or where a mishap with the bride’s dress created a completely unplanned distraction? These people have — and they told us their most outrageous wedding attire stories. We’ve removed their names just to be sure we won’t get anyone into trouble…


“I went to a Marine Corps wedding in the early Spring, and as tradition, the bride and groom walk out under the arch of swords and the last swordsman traditionally “taps” the bride on the dress or shoulder (or behind!).  Well, I guess he did it a little harder than she expected on her behind (or in her excitement she forgot it was coming) and she jumped so high and slipped on nearby melting ice–she fell to the ground and her entire dress was covered in mud.”

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