6 Answers About Collecting Data on Military Kids

1. What is the Military Student Data Identifier? 

Currently, there is no reliable and consistent data available on the academic well being of our military-connected children. Although the Department of Defense tracks military-connected children in other ways through deployments or physical exams, there is no data available to track how well our children are doing in school.

In 2014, the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission made sweeping recommendations for changes inside the practices of the Department of Defense. Recommendation 15 was instituting a national military student identifier.

After a more than a decade of war, most school-age children today have only attended school during a time of war. This means there is added stress on the home front due to increased ops tempo, frequent PCS cycles and multiple deployments by a parent(s). The Department of Education is considering adopting a national military student identifier to track the academic health of our school-aged children.

2. Who Are Our Military-Connected Children?


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