The Time We Take For Granted

The Time We Take For Granted

We are all forgetful creatures. Tender moments of love, small reminders of confirmation, and even momentous times of success can fade so quickly from our minds, that we fail to rediscover them until we receive a wake up call.  Often times these wake up calls come in the form of someone else’s tragedies; but think for a moment if roles were reversed and your tragedy became someone else’s wake up call.

Approximately one year ago I found myself on my knees praying for a family that I knew, but not extremely well. Growing up in a small town enables “news,” to get around rather quickly. When I heard their story I couldn’t help but feel incredible heart ache. In 2009 the Edwards family found out they would be expecting a little girl. Excited may be considered an understatement. After having two boys they finally felt as if their family would be complete. When Lacey was full term they learned that their little princess would never get to physically join their family. The baby they had so desperately hoped for was still born.

After countless tears, questions, and prayers the Edwards family decided to try for another baby. When they found out they were pregnant once again they started on a journey of incredible anticipation and fear. When they finally got to hold their little boy an enormous sense of relief overwhelmed their hearts. He was here, and he was safe.  After a year their family still seemed incomplete. So after their littlest boy, Ace, turned one they sought to complete their family. The pregnancy was normal up until the eight-month mark, when an ultrasound revealed a possible cranial abnormality. Later, to their horror Lacey and her husband found out that the baby’s head was fine but rather the baby had very serious heart condition known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome or HLHS. HLHS is a condition in which the left side of the heart doesn’t form. The baby is fine as long as it’s in utero, but once the infant is born survival is not likely.

On February 13, 2013 a beautiful baby girl was born; the Edwards family finally got to meet their long awaited princess. At two days old baby Reese would have heart surgery followed by another surgery at six days old. After nearly two weeks of progress and set backs the inevitable conclusion was that baby Reese’s little heart would not be strong enough to sustain life. At sixteen days old Lacey held and sang little Reese to her final sleep on this earth. That night I put both of my babies in bed with me and held them close. No parent should ever have to suffer the loss of a child (as you can read in this piece titled “Sending Birthday Wishes to Heaven”).  I can’t even imagine that pain. I swore I would appreciate my babies more, play with them more, and be WITH them more instead of just being present. Time passed, life happened and I started to take time for granted again.


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