10 Reasons You Don’t Need Life Insurance


You may find it strange that an insurance company would say you don’t need life insurance. However, here are some legitimate reasons why you might NOT need it:

1. There’s no one counting on your income.

If you’re single and no one depends on you financially, you might not need life insurance coverage. Just be sure to think about who would be responsible for any outstanding liabilities should something happen to you.

2. You don’t make any contributions to the household.

If you don’t contribute monetarily, consider the roles you take on that would need to be covered by someone else or hired out if you were no longer there. For instance, child care, tutoring or caring for aging parents are all examples of valuable contributions.

3. You’re completely debt free.

Common debts include credit cards or store cards, personal loans, car payments, student loans, and often the largest– a mortgage. But if you’re part of the nearly 25% of American’s that say they are currently without debt*, congratulations!

4. You have burial expenses covered.

If your financial plan includes paying for your funeral arrangements, you won’t need extra coverage for that.

5. You don’t feel the need to cover future expenses, like college education, for your children.

They can figure it out on their own!

6. You aren’t concerned with leaving a financial legacy.

You’ve already built a nice nest egg beyond retirement to leave to your family.

7. You live the life of a wanderer.

Ok this is probably a stretch, but if you’re a free spirit that doesn’t own anything but the clothes on your back- you probably don’t need life insurance.

8. You are independently wealthy.

All your financial liabilities are covered and you have enough for your family to maintain the same standard of living after all expenses are paid.

9. You do not need portable coverage outside of SGLI, FSGLI or your civilian career.

You have complete job security, so the policy you have through your employer is all you need.

10. You don’t need peace of mind knowing your family would be financially secure without you.

In fact, you like livin’ on the edge.

However, if you don’t fall into one or more of these categories- you probably DO need some life insurance. This Life Insurance Awareness Month, take the steps to learn more about this important topic.

Because it’s not for YOU, it’s for the one’s you love.

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*According to a recent survey

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