3 Tricks to Avoid these PCS Mistakes

3. The absence of adequate travel plans.

The tasks of moving are daunting, and travel plans often become neglected. Mindful travel planning can yield a pleasant trip if done correctly. Simple ideas like making good use of your credit card’s perks for hotels, airfare, and concierge access will smooth the transition.


The best way to make the necessary travel fun is to add vacation time to the itinerary! If a week-long family reunion in Florida isn’t possible, a two or three day adventure to an amusement park along the way might ease the adjustment. Visit your base’s Morale Welfare and Recreation programs to obtain discounted tickets and entertainment options.
Analyze your moving expenses budget; there may be room for splurge-worthy comfort. If a cross-country drive alone with a toddler doesn’t excite you, consider transporting the car. Many auto transport companies will pick up the car in your current city and deliver it to your next home city. Amtrak’s Auto Train might also be an option, plus they offer a military discount on most travel.


Travel Research Tip: Did you know there are Pet Travel Agents to make pet travel safer and easier?
Put time on your side and implement solutions to each of these problems about six months in advance of the next PCS, if you can. Bookmark your favorite real estate, school, and travel websites to check often. There is opportunity to learn from the previous relocation, so evaluate what your family did well and which aspects of moving could be improved.

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