3 Tricks to Avoid these PCS Mistakes

2. Ignoring school options and boundaries.

School and housing research typically occur in tandem. With school-aged children, the chances are likely that where you live will have an impact on their education. The perfect house may be available, but consider these questions. Does the public school have a strong reputation? Are there be enough resources in the area to homeschool children? Will the “good” neighborhood price your family out of your favorite private school?


Begin seeking opinions through various social media. Often someone will start a Facebook or Yahoo! page that is operated for neighborhood families to share concerns and social opportunities. Some may even be related to the closest base. Compare those opinions to research standbys such as GreatSchools and SchoolDigger. Also, carefully read home descriptions in for sale or rent advertisements. The best schools will immediately be mentioned as top selling points.
After a few schools become likely options, review their school district’s homepage and comb reports to see if school boundary changes are scheduled. Paying above your BAH to rent a home near your top choice will be very disappointing if the school district changes boundaries mid-tour. Before buying a house, it’s critical to make a call to a school official to verify your findings.


School Research Tip: Installations offer a School Liaison Officer to help navigate school concerns for military children.

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