Comcast NBCUniversal Creates Virtual Job Opportunities for Military Spouses


As part of its ongoing commitment to hire 10,000 members of the military community –

Military Spouses, Veterans, and National Guard and Reserve members – Comcast’s Beltway Region launched a first-of-its-kind Virtual Customer Care class in Summer 2017, creating new opportunities for Military Spouses to start their Comcast Career through programs with direct connections to military installations.

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On June 29, the first class in this program graduated 13 new Comcast employees in the Fort Lee, Virginia area. This graduating class included 11 Military Spouses, one Veteran, and one actively serving National Guard member.

The program was the result of a collaboration with the Department of Defense Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) and Fort Lee in Prince George County, Virginia. Together, the partnership led to this innovative hiring program, which expands on Comcast’s goal to serve the military community and provide a great customer experience for all customers through the expansion of their Virtual Customer Care Team.

During the ceremony, Betsy Patterson, a Fort Lee military spouse and virtual class graduate, shared a challenge that many military families face, “Being a military spouse brings experiences that are wonderful and then, experiences that are difficult,” she said. “One of the difficult things is moving for the needs of the Army. Even with a bachelor’s degree, it’s difficult to find employment due to moving every 3-4 years.”

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Comcast recognizes that military hires bring exceptional strengths to the business and understands the incredible challenges and responsibilities of the military community. Beltway Region senior vice president, Mary McLaughlin, shared Comcast’s commitment to hiring and promoting military members and their families, “We know it takes a village. And these are great jobs for military spouses – they allow the spouses to move alongside their military members and still keep their virtual customer service jobs.”

The Comcast Beltway Region team’s collaborative efforts and innovative thinking not only fulfilled a business need but also generated a positive experience for their employees, customers, the military community and their business. As such, the Military Spouse hiring program has already started recruiting for a second class and has been identified as a best practice to replicate in other parts of the country.

In addition to this program, Military Spouses pursuing a career at Comcast NBCUniversal are afforded a distinct benefits package, including:

  • A transition assistance package that offers spouses the option to continue their career with Comcast NBCUniversal as their military member spouse PCSs and deploys, starting with job transfer (if the company has jobs in the spouse’s new home area), partnerships with other military spouse friendly companies (in order to connect spouses directly to a job, in the event Comcast does not have jobs in the area), and, if both of those options are not viable, a generous transition assistance package.
  • A dedicated human resources concierge to help during deployments and other duty-related events that may impact the family unit.

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