Enjoy a Better Period Experience with The DivaCup

Summer is always a busy season. Whether you’re planning a holiday, preparing for back to school or deployment, or simply busy with work and other life responsibilities, the one thing you don’t want to have to be concerned about is your period care. Worrying about leakage protection, when you can find time to change your tampon and pad, or if you can find the products you need wherever in the world you find yourself, shouldn’t hold you back from life.  Knowing you can tackle some of your challenges and adventures with more ease is something The DivaCup can help with.

The DivaCup was designed by women for women with a vision for a healthy and more sustainable feminine hygiene product. Easy-to-use and comfortable, this revolutionary menstrual cup provides women with more convenience, confidence, and flexibility. The DivaCup provides up to 12 hours of leak-free protection all-day and overnight, making it a perfect choice for any activity, including extreme sports and travel. With two model options, The DivaCup is ideal for any age.

The DivaCup also offers a healthier, cost-effective, and more sustainable menstrual solution. Many tampons and pads are made from a combination of rayon or cotton, which may still contain traces of dioxin, a toxic chemical with an adverse impact on both the environment and women’s health. Unlike tampons and pads, The DivaCup is made of 100% healthcare-grade silicone and is free of chemicals, plastics, and dyes. Because it is reusable and replaced annually, The DivaCup reduces landfill waste and also helps you save money.

Just imagine the relief of having all of your period needs taken care of for a year by just one menstrual cup! No more packing endless sizes and absorbencies of tampons and pads when you are planning a trip. No more searching for period care when deployed in areas where these products are hard to come by. No more worrying about running out of supplies or having to deal with emergencies or surprises. The DivaCup takes the worry out of period care!

To learn more about what millions of women are raving about around the globe, visit divacup.com. You may just find yourself exclaiming that The DivaCup changed your life as so many others have expressed. Make the switch to a better period experience today!

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