8 Quick and Easy Last Minute Costume Ideas

8 Quick and Easy Last Minute Costume Ideas

It’s that time of year again when people rack their brains for unique, creative costume ideas. It’s easy to get lost in the aisles and aisles of the latest trends or classic characters. Wait, Halloween is this week?! We are just days away, and I have not had time to even think about what I might want to be or can pull together quickly!!

A simple search through the pages of Pinterest showcases an overwhelming amount of options that are creative, but not so simple. Others that might be easy seem to be lacking in the wow factor.

Halloween is the one day that you can combine fantasy and horror, build on a family theme, or be whatever is trending that week. Some costumes do not even require a trip to the costume store. Instead you can use props you already have in your home.

One example, you can use the make-up already in your house to me a mime or use cold cream to cover your face, throw some rollers in your hair and put your bathrobe… VIOLA, you’re Suzie Homemaker! Or, recruit some friends to help you paint a large cardboard box pink, add some black circles and you’re Bunco dice.

Take a quick inventory of your supplies and see other options that might work for you.

For the kids:

1. A Jellyfish


Dress your child in white, get a clear umbrella and hang some streamers from it… done!

2. A Lego


Get creative with boxes, paint, and other household objects!

3. A Peacock

Peacock Costume Idea

Just cut out some construction paper, glue on a tutu, and add a blue shirt!

4. Grass


(Yes, we said grass) Put a brown t-shirt on your kid, spray their hair green and stick some gummy bears in their hair to represent bugs.

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