Is YOUR MilSpouse Friend Flying Solo This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is almost here! It’s a time when the whole country GUSHES! Sure, we LOVE our spouse! But what about your military friend who is flying solo this year? What about the friend whose heart hurts at the sight of all of the cute cards and chocolate hearts because their “Bae” isn’t home to show ’em love?

Maybe this Valentine’s Day can serve as an opportunity to make your friend feel special when their special someone is off saving the world.

It’s your turn to BE THE GOOD FRIEND!

Bring them some of their favorite things. You know what your friend loves, so make her a box of her “favorite things.” It’s the thoughtfulness of the gift, not the price tag attached to it. Your friend would love to know that you put so much thought into making them feel loved.

Offer to watch the kids while your friend goes out. Your friend is flying solo for awhile so some time alone may be all she needs to feel better.  Give her a break to relieve some of that stress, and let her get some time at the gym, or a even a trip alone to Target or Panera. It may not sound romantic but it can be her perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

Plan ‘Before’ or ‘After’ time together. You may have your own date night going on, but try and hook up with your buddy on the day before or after Valentine’s Day. Go out to dinner or (better yet) ice cream! Maybe you could get some other friends together and make it a group date!

Send an Edible Arrangement or flowers. (Grabs face and squeals!) Wouldn’t that be the BEST V-day reaction to getting a SURPRISE at work.

Go out WITH them. So maybe your own spouse is deployed or has duty this Valentine’s Day. Get dolled up anyway and do something SHNAZY! Your friend might enjoy the company!

Gift them a Spa Day. YESSSS!!! A day of relaxation. You will get plenty of HUGS for this one AND a Friend of the Year Award!

Honestly, it doesn’t take much to show your friend they’re not alone. And all these things can be done whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not. What have YOU done for your MilSpouse friends when the love of their life just happens to be away?

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