Becoming M.O.R.E.: 4 Ways to Take Courageous Action in Your Life

What does it mean to take Courageous Action, and can I really do that everyday?

We’ve all heard it, that little voice in your ear saying, “don’t go over there…no one likes you, you’re not funny, you’re not thin enough, you won’t have anything to offer that group, you barely finished high school…college, yeah right…” so forth and so on. At some point in our lives, we were told that these were true so it we put to record on replay for 20, 30, 40 years…engraining it in our subconscious minds. By the way, our subconscious minds run about 80-85% of our lives! I call these gremlins and limiting beliefs, and they are NOT welcomed in my “house”! Limiting beliefs are like brick walls in our lives, separating us from the things we want and desire the most in life. Here are a few ways you can reduce and eliminate those gremlins and once and for all become M.O.R.E. (My Own Rescue, Everyday)!

  1. Hit the Reset Button!

You can change a negative belief or value by changing the way you think about an experience. One way is to consider when or where that first thought, belief, or value originated. Understand, you can RE-write the story if you have measured and determined that it’s NOT your truth! You can adjust the color of the picture, intensity of the feeling or sound of the memory in an effort to diminish the sensation so that you adjust how you think about it. You can REPROGRAM your mind and hit the RESET button!

  1. Establish a New Truth

Limiting beliefs are many times unconscious messages that may no longer be valid or useful to us. The messages we receive come from our socialization, education, our daily living, and exposure to advertising. Often times, it comes from a parent or caregiver. While that person may have meant well, they were giving you a view of the world from their perspective…not good or bad, but it was theirs. You can re-shape and re-frame that view based on your truths, and your current reality.

  1. Discard what no Longer Serves You

Negative or limiting beliefs can infiltrate any part of daily life and that may include relationships, your financial arena, and self care. It may be important to get an overview of which messages holding negative and limiting beliefs you are ready to dispose of once you have uncovered their presence.

  1. Open a New Pathway

To become a more healthy and whole human being, discovering and examining limiting beliefs is essential. For example, if in your mind and heart you hold a belief that money is the root of all evil, that money corrupts your integrity, that money means you have no friends, then you will likely not attract money to you. The benefit of clearing out negative and limiting beliefs is that you are then open to receive and attract what you truly desire and want.

If you believe you are being ruled by a limiting belief in yourself, someone else, or about your environment…I’ve come to serve you notice…you can be Your OWN RESCUE. You don’t have to buy into the thoughts feelings and opinions passed on to you by someone or some event. You can once and for all SILENCE the gremlin and TEAR DOWN the brick wall that’s keeping you from living your BEST LIFE, TODAY! This will require patience, determination, and you taking courageous action everyday!

It’s not about what you do IN a day, it’s what you do EVERY DAY. Be persistent and consistent in your pursuit of purpose and power over your life! You can achieve all of your goals by taking these small-calculated steps in the right direction. Remember, this is absolutely a lifestyle change that will require some work from you. It will pay off in the end, and you will be able to declare…I am MY OWN RESCUE!

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