13 Reasons Halloween Is Actually The BEST

13 Reasons Halloween Is Actually The BEST

1. Scary movie binge watching has begun.


Is there any better excuse than Halloween (or the entire month of October) to put some jammies on, stay in, and curl up next to your sweetheart over a scary movie? I think not.

2. No obligation to travel anywhere, buy anything or cook anything.

Just think for a second about how amazing that really is. Unlike other holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, Halloween comes obligation and work free! You don’t have to cook anything, go anywhere, or host anyone. Halloween is stress free.

3. You get to eat All.The.Candy.

Halloween gives you a green light to buy all those oh-so-bad, but oh-so-good candies from your childhood because you know, you’re doing it for the trick or treaters. And obviously you need to test taste every bag of candy you buy because quality control right? You’re just selfless like that.

4. Post Halloween Sales.

The only thing better than buying endless bags of candy leading up to Halloween, is the 50% off candy sales that start the day after Halloween. I mean, you should totally take advantage of the deal to stock up for next week, I mean next year right?