Deployment Survival Plan for Child-free Spouses

It’s safe to say that deployment is one of the things spouses like LEAST about being in the military. Our lives get completely altered for months while our other halves journey far from home to protect, defend, or act as a good-will ambassadors for the good ol’ USA.

Not having children yet, I can only imagine the complexity and challenges faced by spouses with children during deployment, balancing all household duties and parental responsibilities. I’m in awe of those ladies and gents that seem to hold it all together and run their household with one set of hands!

While deployment is hard for spouses with children, we can’t overlook the difficulties that child-free spouses face as well.

Deployment can seem daunting to those who are averse to spending time alone – it means a truly silent house to come home to, weekends that look like a daunting blank canvas without someone to spend it with, and even something like watching TV feels lonely! Even though I was blessed with the best military community and close deployment gal-pals to hang with, there were still plenty of days spent solo.

BUT – as always – there is a silver lining. Keeping yourself busy can keep your mind off your spouse’s absence and make the time pass faster…I know, rocket science, huh? They don’t say “time flies when you’re having fun” for nothing!

What were my hobbies again?

Prepare a Deployment Survival plan full of positive activities to pursue that you can look forward to doing and that can help advance your personal goals or career. In thinking of activities it might help to remember “who” you were before you met your spouse.

Reconnect with any goals, hobbies, or interests that might have fallen to the wayside when “me” became “we.”


Try to think of this time apart not only as a necessary evil, but also as an opportunity to reconnect with and learn more about yourself. No, I’m not telling you to go all “Eat, Pray, Love” on me, but reflect on those things that you’ve always loved or wanted to try and take action.