An Honest Military Spouse Christmas Poem for You

The holidays started as most of them do,

With chaos and frenzy and Murphy’s Law too.


Shopping and cooking and shouting ‘stay calm’?

More like Amazon, take-out and the occasional ‘F-Bomb’!


Some of us wrangle the kids in the car,

To avoid pissing off our family afar.


Some of us say, with a huff in our voice:

“I’m not coming this year and it’s BOTH of our choice!”


Before mundane things get on our last holiday nerve,

Let’s all stop and remember our loved ones, who serve.


Many are ‘here’ but have duty this week,

So take them some cookies and holiday treats.


Over 300,000 are deployed as I type,

Protecting our freedoms with nary a gripe.


If you’re lucky enough to have them near you this year,

Tell them you’re PROUD of their chosen career.


Active, Retired, Reserve, Guard or Vet;

We think of you always and we will NEVER forget.

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