10 Ideas for Military-Inspired Halloween Costumes


Wracking your brain and scouring pinterest to figure out what creative costume you can make (or buy!) your kids for Halloween. And let’s be honest, you’re probably waiting until the last minute anyway! Cool thing is I’ve done the hunting for you. And these aren’t just any old costumes, they are all military-inspired! They’ll either make you want to salute, tip your hat, yell OOO-RAH, or even giggle a bit.

They may take a little elbow grease, but the process is part of the FUN right?!

Now before we get down to it let’s address a question that may be running through your mind.

“I can just wear my spouse’s uniform or put it on my kid right?”

Well…technically the answer is NO. However, costumes are allowed. According to Uniform Code of Military Justice it’s illegal to wear a government issued uniform (including medals, ribbons and bars) publicly if you are not the military member. If it’s an older-issued uniform and you are not posing as a service member, then it may be acceptable. Now whether or not the “AUTHENTIC UNIFORM POLICE” will be on duty isn’t a question I can answer. But that’s the legalities of it!

Now that we’ve addressed that, here are 10 Military-Inspired Halloween Costumes!

(Keep in mind these are NOT just for the kiddos. Adults like to get in on the festivities too)

1. Drill Sergeant

It takes a special kind of SPUNK to truly pull this one off! If this is your little person, let them ROCK THIS!

2. Lil Tanker

What’s unique about making a tank is that you can build it around your wheel chair or with shoulder straps for walking.

3. Baby Skydiver

Oh my goodness! DO THIS!

4. Army PinUp Secretary

So here’s something for us hot mamas! Go retro AND extra feminine for the night!

5. Paratrooper

This little masterpiece is available here. Your little person will probably try finding things to jump off of the entire time so keep close eyes on them!

6. Uncle Sam

I think Uncle Sam wants YOU…to make this super easy costume for Halloween!

7. Toy Soldiers

Toy soldiers are my most favorite of this list. If you are one of the ones who played with these as a kid then you know how epic this idea is! Click here for a how to.

8. Lady Liberty

Ok! Lady Liberty has never been so cute! She’s definitely one of the symbols that unifies our country and reminds us of the freedoms that we share. This is also a great moment to teach your kids about the history of this particular statue.

9. Wartime Nurse

Retro costumes are the best! WarTime nurses definitely came to the rescue of many injured heroes! That definitely makes them heroes which I’m pretty sure that’s why they wear capes!

10. Top Gun (Goose & Maverick)

Looks like some piping, gray fleece and a couple patches sewn over a wagon and then you end up with this awesomeness! Even if you don’t have twins, maybe you can team up with a neighbor or fly solo! Either way this blows up the CUTE meter.

If you choose to do any of these, don’t stress over the minor details. Find a way to mold the idea to make it yours, and most of all have FUN!

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