The Partnership to #EndSequestration

As part of an ongoing initiative to #EndSequstration, Military Spouse has partnered with many other organizations to stay on top of and put an end to sequestration. 

This is undoubtedly THE single most important thing to face this community in a very long time.  Our BAH, benefits, additional cutbacks, forced reductions and more are on the table.  Again.  Again X3.  When will the madness end? 

We have made a firm commitment to stay on top of relevant topics of interest, bring them here to you, and to make certain you know what is going on with our elected officials.

We have every right to know what is happening, and what we can do as both individuals and as a community to make sure our best interests are served. 

Our partners at National Military Family Association, and the leading legislative experts for us, have and will continue to provide content to keep us all informed.  We will share that material with you here as it becomes available. 

Important Things of Note:  (or, Crocodiles Closest to the Canoe)

1.  On August 6th, Secretary Hagel (SECDEF), announced civilian DOD furloughs would be capped at 6 not eleven days.  This mean that your commissary will return to its normally scheduled operating hours during the week of August 18.  And, most importantly, the DoDEA schools won’t close for 5 days at the beginning of the school year. 

2.  Another round of budget cuts totaling $52 billion are slated for 2014.  That means more significant money crisis’. 

Please read NMFA’s initial articles here:


NMFA is asking everyone to submit photos by THIS Friday, August 16 of sequestration effects to:    I’m thinking base benefits’ closures, programs impacted, ketchup (is it too soon??), commissaries, furloughs, etc. 

I, for one, am tired of having to worry every time the end of the fiscal year comes around and our family has to worry about government shut downs and our pay stopping. AND sequestration.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.    We MUST end this. 





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