Fast and Healthy Meal Tricks from a Mom of Five Boys

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Now read on to see Fast and Healthy Meals Tricks from a Mom of Five Boys.

Cooking with resentment.  That’s pretty much how I feel about making dinner after a long busy day.  The idea of prepping for dinner, cooking dinner, spending 15 minutes eating with a ravenous clan (my family of four), then cleaning up after dinner…well, lets just say I’d rather stick pins in my eye.

I need a quick, but healthy meals ideas.  I need inspiration, short cuts, easy recipes and a little love in the kitchen.  For all those and more, I turn to someone that manages mealtime every night for a family of seven (five boys between the ages 4 – 13 years old, plus her AF active duty husband).

Sharon Smith, is a busy mom of growing boys and a fellow military spouse living at Ramstein AB, Germany. She is also a professional artist and Goodfellow AFB MSOY 2013.  Surely, she has enough practice managing hurried mealtime than most.

I sat down with her recently to find out some of her favorite tips, tricks and healthy go-to-recipes she uses in a pinch.

How do manage to feed five growing boys and a husband every night with healthy dinners without pulling out your hair?

Sharon:  I have lots of bald spots. Ha! No really, it’s never easy, but I no choice but to manage the growing men.  The key is to have LOTS of staples on hand, especially proteins.  With my size family, I have a freezer stocked; I mean seriously stocked, full of chicken, turkey and other meat. And a cupboard stocked with basics like brown rice, chicken stock and other essentials.   I can make something healthy and fast if I have the basics on hand. I mainly go to the commissary for fresh vegetables, fruit and dairy once or twice a week.

Do you menu plan for the week?  

Sharon:  Oh, gosh, no! I can’t because our lives are too busy – school, my painting, my husband’s crazy schedule – it would drive me nuts to not have things go as planned.  I’m more of a palate cook – I know the flavors of what I want to cook and eat for the week and I buy accordingly.  I always have the basics around to fill in the flavor profile I need.

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