Q&A with Kate Pearce, author of The Bad Boy Cowboy

Did you love THE BAD BOY COWBOY by Kate Pearce? Kate answered a few questions about the novel so read below for some behind the scenes insider info!

What was your path to writing? Was it something you always wanted to do?
Yes, I was one of those kids who made stuff up all the time, so I suspect despite a few career changes along the way I was destined to become a writer.  I finally took the plunge when I moved to the USA with three small boys, and had some time on my hands when I wasn’t working out how to drive on the wrong side of the road and what a mailbox looked like. Almost fifty books in now, and I haven’t looked back.

Describe THE BAD BOY COWBOY in five words.
Funny, endearing, forgiveness, challenges, and love.

How did HW get his bad boy reputation?
He’s the charmer in the family, the one he wants to save everyone, and he’s a rodeo star—how could he not be a bad boy?

What was your inspiration for the Morgan Ranch series?
A combination of my love of history and learning to ride Western style when I moved to the USA. I grew up on T.V. cowboys, and wanted to write something that encompassed the history of Northern California and the complications of growing up in a family that has dealt with tragedy. I wanted to explore how each member of the Morgan family felt responsible for what happened and how as adults they come to forgive others, and more importantly forgive themselves for their part in what happened.

Did you do any research for THE BAD BOY COWBOY in terms equine therapy or rehabbing injuries?
Yes, one of my sons has cerebral palsy, and as a child we took him horseback riding, which he loved, and which stirred my interest in the whole idea of natural horsemanship and therapy. For the military perspective I talked to a retired female military police officer, and through contacts at my son’s physical therapist I was also able to get information about rehabbing injuries. It’s a fascinating subject.

What do you think makes HW and Samantha such a great couple?
They are like oil and water. She has this amazing irrepressible side to her that refuses to accept defeat, and she just needles him and gets him to open up to her despite himself.

What do you hope readers take away from THE BAD BOY COWBOY?
That sometimes terrible things happen in life, but that family, and love, and facing that pain together will get you through and make you strong enough to go on. I also hope readers will laugh and enjoy the family dynamic.

What’s up next for The Morgans?
Next up is HW’s friend, The Billionaire Bull Rider (out July 31st!) who comes to help out at the ranch in the summer and meets a very independent cake maker. But all the Morgans insist on being part of this book as well.