Planning For The New Year: Top 3 Planners For 2018

Planners are powerful and there is power in planning. As a mom, I am a forgetter of EVERYTHING. My planner is where everything lives. It’s where I write down funny thing my kids say, compile a list of everything I need at the grocery store, schedule appointments (personally and for my business), and where my most influential and successful ideas start and grow. For me, my planners are history books, shopping lists, and business tools. Planners are important to me, and therefore, I don’t just walk into any given store and walk out with a monthly calendar with a cute cover. I NEED functionality and I am very thoughtful when choosing my planner. Here is a list of my top favorite planners. If you’re not a fan of paper planners, well, skip to the end and I’ll tell you why some of us still adore them.


PurpleTrail planners are not only functional but come with all the tools necessary to create a customized product for your individual needs. PurpleTrail offers three different cover material options (and a slew of amazing cover designs *HARRY POTTER INSPIRED INCLUDED*), two different sizes, a die-cut sticker pack and packet folder, and a list of 15+ add on options (my favorites include: note pages, to do lists, checklists, nutritional tracker, and appointment tracker pages). PurpleTrail also includes video examples of the tangible product and different size and cover options. PurpleTrail also offers planners specifically tailored to teachers, students, mothers, the nutrition conscious, anyone planning weddings, as well as those individuals that need a weekly/daily/or monthly planner. Another noteworthy characteristic of PurpleTrail lies in their INCREDIBLE customer service. I was greeted and fully embraced by a Navy veteran who was willing to help me with literally any question or concern I had. The starting price for these planners also is ideal. PurpleTrail has provided our readers with a 10% discount to use on their website with the code: MS10.



In The Leafy Treetops

The perfect mom-on-the-go planner lives and breathes at In The Leafy Treetops. These planners are for those of us who need a one click and buy option. This planner encompasses the life of busy mothers all while glorifying their roles. If you need a journal oriented option for your planner, this one is it! These planners include: year a glance calendars, birthday and anniversary spreads, scripture reading charts for the Bible, holiday planning pages, financial management sheets, monthly planning calendars, monthly goals and to-do lists, simple budget sections, a monthly relationship improvement page for each month, a weekly spread, and a notes section with pages that let you reflect on who you are and the things that make your heart feel full.

This planner focuses on the importance of the family and includes tools to help “keep the main thing the main thing.” You’ll find a page to write about children in the form of “child tracking pages,” where you can document important, funny, and special thoughts and feeling you have about each of your children. There are also sections for vacation planning (including packing lists), financial management (including debt elimination), and family goal, and chore planning. One of my favorite sections is the medical and healthcare section where you can track doctor appointments, and write relevant information for all your medication needs (hello anyone who needs to remember what TRICARE tells you each time you call). The Mom-on-the-Go planner is the do it all planner from spirituality to budget planning and everything in between. In the Leafy Treetops has so graciously offered our readers a discount. Add a planner and accessory to your cart on their website and receive the accessory for free using the code: USA5.


Karma Paper Co

If you are of the mentality that simplifying is power then you may just find your ideal planner at Karma Paper Co. I love these products because they are timeless in design, and well made. They include a synthetic cover that is tear resistant and waterproof (two accidents that have sent many a planner to an early waste can). These planners come in one size and can include either a vertical or horizontal layout. This planner includes monthly spreads, daily schedule sections, monthly goal planning, and monthly expense tracking. These planners are beautifully designed and allow you to choose foil and coil color, and add your name to the cover. If simplicity and elegance are must haves for you, Karma Paper Co is your hub. Karma Paper Co has also provided a very generous code for our readers. Get 15% off any planner by visiting their website and using the code: HAPPY18.


*Does anyone use a paper planner anymore? Why would someone carry around a book of paper when “there’s an app for that?”

The simple answer is: the pen is mightier than the keyboard. The act and art of actually writing down anything from a grocery list to a bestselling novel (just ask JK Rowling) engages the brain on a higher level of thought. Writing forces the author to actually connect, analyze, and summarize thoughts, goals, and events. Typing on the other hand, while extremely convenient, is less engaging. Typing allows us to transcribe at a fast rate, leaving little time for us to actually process the meaning of the formation of characters we just texted or added to Google calendars.

The process of physically writing in my paper planner helps me connect better to the plans I’m making. And, if you love your paper planner too, now you have three great options to choose from for 2018!

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