Welcome to the Military Spouse Book Club!

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We are so excited to launch this new project, and are equally as excited about all the fascinating books we will read together! There will be a range of books, from blockbusters, to those written by military spouses, to those about the military or military spouse way of life, to just plain ol’ great stories we want to share. By joining our book club you will also be joining a community of spouses who want to connect on another level other than just sharing their military members’ day jobs. We want to give you a chance to tell us what you think at the end of the book, and how these books relate to the lives you lead. Don’t feel like you need to respond, however. While we look forward to your reactions to these books, most of all we just want you to have fun with this and see what other spouses are reading. We hope you take these books as an opportunity to sit, to relax, and to dive into new and exciting worlds with us, your fellow spouses.

A little about me… I am a Marine spouse whose husband has been in the military for over ten years. I am in the last year of a graduate MFA program at Northern Arizona University, where I am majoring in Creative Writing with an emphasis in fiction. Meaning, hopefully someday you will be reading my novels in a book club! While going to school, I teach English Composition classes at the university. I have a six year-old daughter who makes settling down with a good book at night a necessity since I spend all day between my classes and her extra-curriculars chasing her around. I can’t wait to see what you all have to offer this amazing new club!

I am including the “schedule” below, but the best part about this club is that you can pick it up or drop it off as you need to and we will always welcome you in. Happy reading!

To join our book club, register on our forums at community.militaryspouse.com. It’s easy and just takes moments.  This way you are able to actively talk with other readers and share your thoughts during the course of the month.

  • The 1st of every month – a new book will be listed online at www.militaryspouse.com with a brief synopsis.
  • The 21st of every month – an informal book review from me will come online under the original book listing, hopefully sparking some conversation about the novel. We will have a place for you to chime in on your thoughts of the book – whether or not you agree with the review I posted, what it meant to you, what books you’ve read that you think are similar, etc. Let us know what you think! Also, send us photos of you reading your book club novels in your favorite nook or coffee shop! 
  • This will continue every month and we will always post the next three books so you can plan ahead.

 Starting January 1st





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