Fall In Love All Over Again

Article by Julie Steed, Air Force Spouse

Dreaming about the perfect belated honeymoon or romantic renewal of wedding vows? We’ve checked in with the experts for fabulous, unique ideas and cool money-saving tips!

“When we met people on our wedding trip and told them we were on our honeymoon, they would ask, ‘When did you get married?’ And when we told them we had been married for a year and a half, we would get the response, ‘Oh, well you’re not on your honeymoon.’ My husband and I would just look at each other and think-they just don’t understand the military life.” ~ Cora Redd

When Redd’s then-fiance got orders for his second tour to Iraq, the dream wedding they’d been planning for seven months had to be cancelled. The couple debated rescheduling the entire wedding for after his return. But instead, they had a small ceremony the day after Christmas.

Being married “was one way we could feel connected during such a tough time,” says Redd. “It was not what we had originally wanted … but after my husband returned from deployment, we did a renewal of vows ceremony that was very casual but included all of the things that we had dreamed of having in our ‘real’ wedding.”

A few months later, the couple finally got the chance to go on a honeymoon. Sound familiar?

If Cora’s story isn’t a whole lot like yours, it’s probably a whole lot like your best friend’s or your neighbor’s. If you’re looking to plan a super-romantic honeymoon or a truly meaningful vow renewal this year (or if you just love daydreaming about romantic trips and parties), read on…

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