A Guide to V-Day When You Can’t Go Out

The day of love is approaching, and it involves chocolates (my FAVE), flowers (oh allergies), and dates with the boo. But sometimes life happens. Sitters cancel last minute, kids magically get sick right before you are ready to walk out the door, funds are iffy, car trouble or you just do NOT feel like going out, and those dates just don’t take place.

So, what’s a girl to do when she and her honey cannot get out of the house? I have a few ideas that will help with the initial disappointment and allow you to have a good time.

  • Order take out from an awesome restaurant and have it delivered if possible. Listen, my husband and I did this one year because we were stuck with sick kids and no at home nurse. He had just come home from a short deployment and we were counting on it being a special night out. Vomiting kids changed those plans. We ordered from a favorite restaurant, I set the table nicely, lit a candle and we ate our fancy dinner (in the comfort of our PJs). Score! It was amazing, and the cleanup was super easy.
  • Netflix/Hulu and Relationship. Netflix is absolutely a necessity in ANY relationship. And this military lifestyle can lead to us waiting to watch a whole lot of shows with our significant others, so V-Day is the perfect opportunity to sit in the bed or on the couch or wherever you lounge and binge on snacks and food. Catch up on your shows or start a new one.
  • Wine and Paint, at-home edition. Ok, so I love those paint and sip events. I love to do them with my husband as well. So, if you will stay in this holiday, spread out an old sheet, prepare your canvas and supplies, pop open some good (or cheap) and paint away. Oh, play some music too. You can do this in your pajamas as well.
  • Pull out those board/card games! My spouse and I love playing games. We will pull out some cards and play spades all day. But this holiday, do it with a twist, grab some food and booze, and add some rules to it. Make it spicy. Make it fun.
  • Scavenger Hunt. Make it a love one. If you are exchanging gifts, leave cute hints along the way for them to try and guess what it is before they find it. Make it cute, sexy, fun and simple.

Listen, sometimes getting a good rest is hands down the most romantic thing you can do together. And if you are anything like my husband and I, then you value your sleep. So, if you haven’t had much of it, now is the perfect time to employ this idea. Your body will thank you later.

Remember, it’s just a day. Romance can happen any day of the week at any time. If you are sad you couldn’t go out. just make it up another day. Sometimes a little time at home can be a good thing!

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