Crazy Places Military Spouses Get Married

As Valentine’s Day approaches, military spouses around the world start to reminisce about what it was like when they first fell in love with their spouse. Maybe their first Valentine’s Day was spent chatting over Skype. Maybe it was a whirlwind romance with short time spent dating and trip to the courthouse to solidify their union.

No matter what, we all went into this military spouse thing not entirely knowing what we were getting into. In fact, unlike the marriages of many civilians who typically pick a date to get married and don’t have to change it three times due to changing orders, many of us get married in the oddest of places and craziest of ways. 

We asked military spouses just like you where you got married, and we got some crazy, unexpected answers. Of course, we heard the traditional church weddings, many courthouse unions, and a few exotic locals that made us jealous and wishing for summer. But in the end, the ones that stuck with us the most were the crazy ones- the ones that surprised us but also made us say, “Yep, I totally get why you did that.”

Below are some of our favorite responses on your uncommon unions. So while you’re waiting for your Valentine’s date to FaceTime you from the Middle East, or simply take off his muddy boots that you hate to love, listen to what your fellow spouses did in the name of love and military: 


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