Homecoming Basics: 4 Outfit Success Tips

Your heart is pounding.

Months have become weeks.

Weeks have become days.

You’ve cleaned house. You’ve shaved your legs, finally! (Men, maybe it’s that mustache!) You can’t help but blow up your best friend’s phone, because despite being an adult who gets ready every morning, you cannot possibly get dressed for this big day without some help!

Have no fear, I am here! I’ve been to a homecoming or two in the past 29 years.

First as a Navy brat.

Then as a military girlfriend.

Now, I’m a Marine Corps wife.

Oh, and did I mention my husband is married to a Sailor?  That’s me!

I know about homecomings. 

If this is your first homecoming, let me give you a little advice: RELAX! It doesn’t matter what you have on, your spouse is going to be so happy to see you– you could be wearing pajamas!

My husband surprised me when I was in boot camp outside Chicago. I was in my super-hot NSU’s with bedhead, no make-up and legs that were only allowed to be shaved on Sundays (this was a Thursday).

It didn’t matter one bit to him. He just wanted to kiss me.

Now if you are inclined to stress every detail of your outfit, then here are a four tips to have the best homecoming outfit.

1. Leave the heels (or uncomfortable shoes) at home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re waiting on a pier, at an airport, or in a hanger bay– it may be a long, uncomfortable wait. Find some cute shoes that aren’t going to make your feet cry. And remember, you’re about to RUN into your spouse’s arms.

For us ladies, do you really want to be the girl who trips over her heels in the process?

I think not!

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