10 Tips to Nail Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews make just about everybody sweat!

Hiring managers will rarely ever make a hiring decision without them. Since interviews are unavoidable and are so critical for hiring decisions, you need to bring your A game. After all, you only have one shot for that job you want. There are no “do-overs” in interviews.

If you haven’t interviewed in a while, here are 10 insider tips that I share with my clients during mock interviews:

TIP #1 – Relax. When you shake your foot incessantly, bite your fingernails, look everywhere but at the interviewer, spit out 2-minute responses without a breath, or confess how you couldn’t eat all day because you were so nervous for the interview, you make everyone around you uncomfortable. Plus, you want to give the right impression about you. It is understandable that you are a bit nervous but don’t let it get out of control. Take a deep breath when there is a moment of silence. Mock interviews will help you prepare for the pressure.

TIP #2 – Use Your Manners. Even in a casual setting, etiquette goes a long way these days. We often forget our basic manners and courtesies when nervous-another reason to work on being calm. Be on time, remember your interviewers’ names, and sincerely thank them for their time and consideration. Even the most qualified candidates lose job opportunities when they forget their manners. You will be more prepared in an interview if you start paying attention to your manners and work on improving them in your everyday activities.

TIP #3 – Recognize Informal Interviews. Most people look forward to a phone or in-person interview after they submitted a job application. This is still happening but many interviews are now taking place even before jobs are posted or applications are received. Networking functions, conferences, and seemingly innocent coffee gatherings can easily turn into an informal interview. Make sure you are aware so you can bring your A game at a moment’s notice.

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