5 Fitness Trends That Are Taking Over Our World in 2016

There is something about January that makes people adopt the motto of “new year, new you” and for a lot of people that means deciding to become healthier. Whether it’s actually using the gym membership they pay for each month or cutting out certain things from their diet, people try to change their habits in a variety of ways. For someone who doesn’t know where to start, it can be a little overwhelming to jump in with both feet. There are diets that say to cut all “fun” foods out to ones that tell you to eat whatever you want if it fits into a certain set of points. There are endless options for getting physical, from hot yoga that promises to help you recapture your zen to kickboxing that helps you get all your aggression out. It’s enough to make a person’s head spin!  So I did some digging to come up with the 5 most popular fitness trends that are taking over our world.

Now before I start listing things off, know that this is in no way a complete list of every trend out there. Some I’ve personally tried, some you couldn’t pay me to get involved in. I am happy with my judgment-free gym membership, my co-ed softball team, and pairing up with my sister to knock out a couple half marathons at a snail’s pace. But no matter what I feel about them for my life, they might just be the glass slipper of fitness trends for you; you won’t know what will be a good fit for you if you don’t try!



I know. Fun and run. Not two words that might go together for most people. But in the past few years fun runs have taken off in popularity. From the Color Me Rad to a Cupid Undie Run, it seems that every month there is a race in the area that is promoting more than just finishing fast. These runs are about the experience more than they are about the race time. They aren’t for marathon qualifying. They aren’t likely to create your next PR because there are always bottle necks along the race path where people are caught up in the excitement of the moment rather than just trying to finish. But these races get people who might not normally be a 5k out the door and on their feet.

For the people who are a bit more into competing than coming home tye-dyed there is the Spartan races and Tough Mudder races. These races challenge not just your speed but your sanity. Mud, obstacles, water, live electricity, fire. All of those are found on courses like these. Sign up as an individual or sign up as a team to compete in these extreme races. But be warned that these are not for the faint of heart so take it seriously when you’re getting ready for them.