Dear Sally, I Was Dumped Over a Promotion

Dear Sally,

My friend dumped me because my husband was promoted and hers was not, how do I deal with this? 


Rank Ruined Friendship

Dear Rank Ruined Friendship,

I am so sorry to hear about your friendship troubles. We would like to think that everyone understands that rank does not matter when it comes to spouses, but this is unfortunately not always the case. First of all I would reach out to her and let her know that you value her friendship only because of who SHE is and that her husband’s rank does not matter to you at all. And then, I would leave the ball in her court and give her a little time.

She may be resentful because her husband was not promoted. Her husband may have told her that you all shouldn’t be friends anymore. Ultimately, as much as it hurts, none of us can force someone to want to be friends with us. If after giving her a bit of time to sort through whatever she may be feeling she still doesn’t want to be friends, you may just have to accept that the friendship is over and move on. But this also gives you a chance to be a shining example that you do not wear your husband’s rank. Don’t let it discourage you from making friends based on the only things that matter: common interests, kindness of character, a great support system and having fun!

All the best of luck,

Sally Spouse


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